Samsung’s new smartphones to launch with 64-bit processors


Apple may have announced it first but Samsung will be following suit when it comes to 64-bit mobile processors. The South Korean company will be introducing 64-bit chips in upcoming devices, reports the Korea Times.

Samsung co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun is quoted as saying of the introducing of 64-bit tech that it would not be happening immediately but “…yes, our next smartphones will have 64-bit processing functionality.” Which devices will be featuring the beefier architecture were not specified, though the chips will be appearing in Samsung’s Galaxy range of device.

There are risks involved in introducing a 64-bit mobile architecture into an ecosystem currently dominated by 32-bit chips. There is the risk of compatibility issues across the board, as well as the possibility that developers will be slow to take advantage of the change. It is likely that the uptake of 64-bit on Android will be fairly slow compared to Apple, which typically ships large numbers when a new device launches. Apple also has the advantage of having the entire app development system well in hand, meaning that compatible apps should appear faster on iOS devices.


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