Calling all Python developers – Bookings for PyCon 2013 now open


This is a little bit specialist but bear with us. South Africa will be hosting its second PyConZA event, which is a “national gathering of developers of the Python programming language”, come October this year. All Python developers are now able to reserve tickets for the Cape Town-based event, which is due to kick off on 3 and 4 October this year.

Present at the event will be “Larry Hastings (Python 3.4 release manager), Armin Rigo (core PyPy developer), Stefano Rivera (Debian maintainer for numerous Python packages), Stefan van der Walt (SciPy contributor and Proceedings Co-chair for SciPy 2013), Neil Muller (CTPUG chairman), Goddy Akpojotor (organizer of the Python African Tour) and Simon de Haan (Chief Engineer at Praekelt Foundation).” Among the topics discussed will be Python bytecode, Python as it relates to Debian, scientific imaging, software transactional memory as well as “using Python to make a difference to the world at large.”

Tickets for the event start at R385 for students, going all the way up to R1,375 for corporate attendees.


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