Samsung Galaxy Gear leaks abound


Samsung is just days away from launching its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and there have already been a couple of leaks before the launch.

Venturebeat were the first to get a look at the smartwatch, and according to them the phone seems at first glance to be aimed towards fitness junkies, rather than an alternative or supplemental device for your smartphone.

The specs of the supposed prototype have the specs that we’ve been led to expect, which include, amongst others, Samsung S Voice for voice commands, internet access, social media integration and integration with a companion Galaxy S phone or tablet.

The Galaxy Gear also has the ability to track your health data, which includes your steps, heart rate and calorie intake. So the phone will help you device the perfect workout, and seems about right when you take into account Samsung’s new focus on health tracking tech, for example Samsung’s recently launched S Health app may synergize well with the Galaxy Gear.

It should be noted, and Venturebeat says pretty much the same, that Samsung is known for sending out prototypes of devices that aren’t the real thing. It does seem that the leaked prototype might be the real thing, but it might also be a curveball a la Samsung.

Source: Venturebeat
Images via Venturebeat


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