Omate’s TrueSmart smartwatch hits Kickstarter, is funded within 24 hours


Omate has got a smartwatch in the works and they’ve taken to Kickstarter to raise the $100,000 needed to get the project off the ground. The campaign reached its funding target within the first 24 hours that it was active and, at the time of writing, Omate’s TrueSmart smartwatch has raised just shy of $240,000, with a further 28 days for the crowdfunding drive to run.

Omate is billing the TrueSmart smartwatch as a “truly standalone water-resistant smartwatch, [which]works independently from and with all smartphones”. The TrueSmart will also feature 3G, voice and gesture control.

The TrueSmart will also have voice-to-text, GPS navigation, the ability to play music and it’ll even make calls, meaning that several Dick Tracy fantasies will finally come to fruition. It’ll be IP67-rated to boot, making it waterproof, and will contain a dual-core 1.3GHz processor running Android 4.2.

Omate’s smartwatch hardware will become available in October or November this year, for $299 (R3,100). If the speed at which this admittedly impressive-sounding tech was funded wasn’t enough of an indication that the time of the smartwatch is nigh, Stuff isn’t sure what is.

Source: Digital Trends


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