Rayman: Legends – First look and hands-on (demo)


Following a slight delay to local consoles, Rayman: Legends has at last seen the Xbox 360 and PS3 demo drop on consoles locally. While the game has been playable on the Wii U for several months, the demo is the first bit of widely playable Rayman: Legends content that has become available.

If the three available levels, Teensies in Trouble, Toad Story and Castle Rock, are any indication of the final product (spoiler: they probably are) then Rayman: Legends is on track to outdo the Rayman Origins reboot from 2011. Teensies in Trouble is a relaxed introduction to the Rayman style of gameplay, in addition to being a lengthier example of the game’s stages. Toad Story is slightly shorter and tougher and Castle Rock is a sprint-fest of a music level, where players have to motor through the stage at high speed.

Each level now has a difficulty indicator, in the form of skulls. There more there are, there more difficult the level. Legends’ shows off some of the rougher stuff in the form of unlockable challenges for both Teensies in Trouble and Toad Story, quickly smacking down the confidence the short trial allows you to build on the more sedate levels.

Also on show are changes to the gameplay mechanic. Alternate costume unlocks, in the demo at least, depend on the collection of Lums, the little yellow critters seen in the video below. Each stage features several trapped characters that must be rescued on the way, spread between the stage itself and hidden locations. Core gameplay is still intact, with running, jumping and punching/kicking enemies in as skillful a manner as possible being player’s main goal.

There are several other features which have yet to be seen in detail but that will have to wait until 30 August, when Rayman: Legends releases in South Africa. For now, Rayman’s next outing is looking as good as the gameplay video below.


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