Activision reveals Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer, modes


Activision has shown the first official footage of upcoming series sequel Call of Duty: Ghosts, detailing some of the multiplayer modes that will be available when the game launches.

For starters, players will find that they are able to customise their multiplayer characters and that female skins (the overall character appearance) will be available in the game for the first time.

Most of the previously seen game modes will still be present, like Kill Confirmed, Domination, Team Deathmatch and the like. Added to that are new modes called Search and Rescue, Grind, Blitz, Cranked, Infected, Hunted, and Safeguard. Search and Rescue, for instance, tasks players with collecting dogtags from deceased players. Locate a team-mate’s tag and they reenter the game, find an enemy’s and they’re out for a bit. Cranked gives players a speed boost when they get a kill but they also have a timer, meaning that they need to get another kill before time runs out.

Then there is the addition of squads, an AI team that players can create and customise. Squads can play either against or with the player, levelling up as they go, oppose other AI teams or play against human opponents. It’s an interesting idea that will probably gain some traction with the less socially-inclined Call of Duty gamer.


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