Taking recycling one step further – Samsung creates a cardboard printer


Samsung has built a few creative submissions for the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards in the form of three very unusual printer designs. Chief among these is a printer, called the Origami, that uses cardboard as its main construction material.

The Origami’s outer shell is made from recycled cardboard which is folded and assembled to fit the functional printer components. Samsung says that the cardboard printer is water and fire resistant and that it is cheaper to produce than a conventional plastic shell.

The two other printer concepts are called the Clip and the Mate. The Clip doesn’t use screws in its design, snapping together using clips. The Mate is a printer that can be visually customised by changing the panels that make up its outer surface.

Samsung reportedly has no plans to make these items available for retail sale but says that there’s no reason why they couldn’t end up on shelves at some point.

Source: Digital Trends


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