Xbox Live Microsoft Points system to switch to local currencies


Microsoft will, at the next system update for the Xbox 360 console, be switching away from its long-lived Microsoft Points system for game and downloadable content purchases. In its place will be a system based on the local currency of whichever country the user happens to have their account registered in.

This means that South Africans will find that everything on the Xbox Live store will have a Rand value and purchases will all be done in Rands. Microsoft won’t be dropping existing points from user’s accounts however, any Microsoft Points that remain tied to a user’s Xbox Live account when the changeover happens will be converted to a local currency value. Existing Microsoft Points cards which have not been redeemed will also be honoured, converting to a currency value when they are loaded to an Xbox Live account.

Later in the year Microsoft will also be launching pre-paid Xbox Gift Cards which will be able to load a cash value to a user’s Xbox Live account. Microsoft’s move isn’t exactly unexpected but it’s always good to have advance warning of a change of this nature.

Source: The Verge


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