The Oculus Rift inspires a new kind of cover-based shooter


Stuff has gushed about the Oculus Rift before and here is yet another example of its awesomeness. An Australian developer, Teddy Lipowitz, has come up with a demo for a cover-based shooter using the VR headset and two Razer Hydra motion controllers.

The game, called HydraDeck: Cover Shooter, uses the motion controllers to track the position of the gun and the player. The Oculus Rift presents the player with a first-person perspective. The result, as can be seen in the video, is a cover-based shooter which actually requires that players take cover, requiring that they drop almost prone in some cases.

Lipowitz has warned that the game’s environment sometimes leads to people attempting to grasp cover that does not exist, saying “lots of people try to support themselves on the crates when they try to stand up or when leaning up against a column, but find there is nothing there.”


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