Be a Bigshot – Build your own camera


If the Raspberry Pi has taught us anything it’s that educational projects intended for kids often end up in the hands of hobbyists. That might not be the case with a new US-launched project, called Bigshot, which allows kids or enthusiastic adults to build their own digital camera.

The Bigshot camera is only available for shipping in the States at the moment, for the relatively cheap price of $89 (R890) plus shipping, but there are plans afoot to broaden the build-it-yourself shooter’s availability. It’s only a 3 megapixel camera so the pricing may seen a little costly closer to home but as an educational tool, broken down into its component parts for self assembly, it should prove to be quite valuable.

The project is the brainchild of American computer science professor Shree Nayar, who funded the Bigshot with the assistance of Google and the US Department of Defence. The point, says Professor Nayar, is “to try and make things like image processing, electronics and display technology understandable at some level to younger kids.”

Source: BBC


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