Asus bringing new AiO range of PCs to South Africa


Asus, at an event in Johannesburg yesterday, detailed the new all-in-on PCs that the company will be bringing to South African shores.

Asus said that the all-in-one (AiO) machines will be available in a range of sizes, encompassing 18-inch, 22-inch, 23-inch and 27-inch models, and with two hard drive options. Each model will ship with either a 3TB HDD or a 128GB solid-state drive and 1TB hard drive combination.

Two AiO models were detailed, the ET2701 and the ET2311 all-in-ones. The ET2701, as the serial number implies, is a 27-inch LED-backlit WQHD (2560 x 1440) IPS panel with some hardcore hardware crammed inside. Buyers will have a choice between a Haswell Core i7 -4770 or a i5-4430 processor, up to 32GB of RAM and the aforementioned hard drive options. Graphics will be taken care of by a Radeon HD8890A. A five-finger touch display, Lightning connector ports, an external subwoofer and a TV tuner are all optional extras.

The ET2311 will feature either an i7-4770S or a i54430S CPU, up to 16GB of RAM and the same optional extras as its larger brother, minus the Lightning ports. Users will be able to select either an Intel 4600 graphics solution or an Nvidia GeForce GT 740M. Both AiO machines will ship with Windows 8. Release dates for the all-in-one machines have yet to be detailed.


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