lets you encrypt your Facebook pictures


Nobody wants their boss to see pictures of them hugging a telephone pole like a long lost friend during the previous night’s party or let random acquaintances peruse their every beach holiday picture. gives its users the ability to encrypt their Facebook photos and choose which group of Facebook friends get to see what. People who are not in the approved group will only see a mass of scrambled pixels. The app also allows you to set a time limit on the picture, which will delete it from the app and Facebook when it runs out.

This does not mean that the approved users cannot take screenshots and repost pictures. The self-destruct option might also be problematic if the approved viewers aren’t very active on Facebook.

Using the app requires you to be logged into the app, which will need access to your Facebook account. is currently only available on iOS and is free on iTunes. According to’s site, an Android app is in development. However, you can install the app on your Facebook account and view photos from most PC, Mac, iOS and Android environments.

Source: Mashable


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