World’s first 3D printed rifle hand-fired


The 3D printed gun that was tested and became available online in May this year has sparked off more than just legislation that would outlaw the weapon, others have taken to refining the concept and making larger guns.

The latest of these is the first 3D printed .22 long rifle, called the Grizzly 2.0. The original rifle was test fired two weeks ago but the barrel cracked when it was bench-fired. The creator, a Canadian who goes by the name Matthew, is back with a new series of videos which show the weapon being fired multiple times in succession from a bench.

Matthew later fired the gun by hand, reloading after each shot. The reload process is a little laboured, requiring that the bullet casing is forced out of the barrel by a rod, meaning that the weapon isn’t up to the standards of a single-shot rifle.That aside, it seems effective enough for a home-made firearm.

The gun was improved from its initial design by having a 50% larger barrel with grooves inside and a larger receiver, which hosts the firing mechanism. Odds are that 3D printed gun designs are just going to improve, based on what is seen here. The rifle’s creator says that he will be releasing the files for the weapon online later this year.

Source: The Verge


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