At last, a flying car – The Terrafugia Transition makes its first public flight


Stuff examined the whole flying car prototype thing last year, now Terrafugia’s Transition vehicle has made its first flight in public. The ‘car’ is actually a convertible two-seater aircraft capable of taking to the open road so the whole flying car term is a little off but… it’s a flying car.

The plane/car seen in the videos below is the second prototype of the Transition light aircraft, with a third on the way that will be used as a template for production of the vehicle. When it does become available, don’t expect it to be cheap. The plane as it stands now costs $279,000 (R2.77 million) and is expected to be more widely available by 2015.

Just try not to think about the hassle of obtaining your South African driver’s license if the Transition becomes a lot more commonplace.

Source: via Engadget


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