The largest data breaches in recent years compared (infographic)


There are infographics and then there are infographics and this is one of the awesome kind. InformationIsBeautiful has concocted a gorgeous interactive look at the largest data breaches over the past decade or so, sadly in a proprietary format that cannot be embedded.

The bubble-based representation of hacks, intrusions, thefts of data and just plain mistakes with user data has been compiled in one place. The amount of information compromised is shown in the size of the bubble, the different colours denote how the data breach happened and clicking on each bubble provides more information on the breach, including a link to the original report regarding a given leak of data.

While it would be possible to screenshot the entire presentation, to do so would not do it any justice. Instead, check it out here.

Source: InformationIsBeautiful via PopSci


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