BMW details their new i3 electric car


BMW have made their new all-electric i-series i3 vehicle official, detailing the capabilities of the company’s new EV.

BMW says that the i3 can reach a top speed of 150km/h using the eDrive electric motor, generating 170 horsepower/125 kW with torque of 230Nm. It can hit 60km/h in under four seconds and tops 100km/h in just 7.2 seconds, impressive figures for an all-electric solution.

Range might be an issue but the German car manufacturer says that the i3, in its most economical mode, will manage 190km on a charge with a mean customer range of between 130 – 160 kilometres. A range extender option is available from BMW, which is essentially a small petrol-driven motor that charges the battery via a generator. This add-on can extend the i3’s range up to 340 kilometres.

There are a series of other innovations in the BMW i3, from the carbon fiber and aluminium LifeDrive shell to a speedy charging ability (taking around 30 minutes to top up the battery in some cases) but the i3 also includes BMW’s ConnectedDrive connectivity features.

Drivers will be able to access advanced navigation features from the car with the i Navigation solution, which accounts for a range of factors including battery level and alternate transportation options when it comes to getting drivers to their destinations quickly. The vehicle also features app support in the form of the Android and iOS i Remote app. The app lets users set climate control remotely, access battery status, charge level, vehicle location, route planning and service messages from their handsets. The car is also able to contact BMW and upload vehicle data and will notify users when a service is needed.

The BMW i3 is expected on sale in the States in 2014. We probably won’t see it here any time soon, unless we get a sudden and massive rollout of electronic charging stations in South Africa. But it’s nice to dream.

Source: BMW


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