Canonical attempting to crowdfund Ubuntu smartphone


The Ubuntu smartphone is looking for funding and Canonical, the company behind the drive to create the handset (and attendant technology), had turned to the world of crowdfunding to make it happen.

Canonical has an IndieGoGo campaign on the go, where they are looking for the princely sum of $32 million in order to produce 40,000 Ubuntu Edge smartphones. That’s not a small amount of cash but the campaign has already raised $3.3 million, with 30 days left to secure the rest of the funding.

The Ubuntu Edge smartphone that the company has in mind would feature the ability to dual-boot Android and Ubuntu, an unspecified, “fastest available” multi-core processor and 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, a 4.5-inch display (1,280 x 720), 8 megapixel camera and LTE access, among other features.

The specifications may change, according to the IndieGoGo page,  but first Canonical has to get the project funded. If they manage it, it will become the most expensive crowdfunded project to date.

Source: BBC


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