Joss Whedon series Firefly to live on as a mobile game


Joss Whedon’s TV series’ generally pick up a large and dedicated following, with Firefly being one of the series that fans feel was ended well before it should have. But, according to an announcement from the San Diego Comic Con, the series will be continuing. As a mobile game, at least initially.

The mobile game version of Firefly is being billed as “a multi-user, social online role-playing game” which will be playable on both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. QMXi and Spark Plug Games are the developers behind the title, which will have players captaining a ship and crew and taking on jobs within the game/series universe.

Firefly is expected to release in 2014. There is an official website for the title, where users can pre-register for the game in the meantime.


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