Xbox One to feature play-while-downloading and account access functionality similar to PS4


Last week Sony detailed how PlayStation 4 gamers would be able to access their digital library from any PS4 console that they are signed into, explaining that users would be able to play games as they are downloading. Microsoft has released a similar statement, saying that “[c]onsumers will be able to sign on to any Xbox One console and have access to all their digital games.”

The Xbox One will also be able to play their digital games as they download once “a fraction of the entire game” has been pulled down onto the console’s hard drive, with the remainder of the operation taking place in the background.

As useful as these features are for both Microsoft and Sony’s upcoming consoles, it’s debatable how popular the play-while-downloading functions will be with local gamers. South Africa’s internet situation generally doesn’t lend itself to speedy enough downloads to allow players to take advantage of the service.

Source: Engadget


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