Angry Birds Star Wars getting a sequel come September


Mobile gaming studio Rovio’s next title has been unveiled and it’s a sequel to something that happened long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. The very popular Angry Birds Star Wars is giving way to Angry Birds Star Wars II but this time around there is a bit of merchandise involved.

The game itself will feature a new storyline, based around the Star Wars prequel films, and will allow players to select a large number of characters, including a few new ones. Players will also have the option to join the Pork Side if they wish.

Angry Birds Star Wars II is taking a few tips from Activision’s Skylanders series of games and introducing plastic figurines which can be digitally inserted into the game itself, thanks to Hasbro’s TelePods. There will be 32 playable characters available in physical form when the game releases on 19 September this year.

Source: Digital Trends


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