FNB to launch “first of its kind” banking website


First National Bank has announced the launch of a new banking website, the first of its kind on the African continent. The new site, which will go live to members of the public on Sunday, 14 July, is designed to function equally well on a variety of devices from desktop PCs to cellular phones and tablets. Unspecified new functionality will be introduced to the website in the coming months.

FNB Online Banking CEO Lee-Anne van Zyl said in a statement “We have created the first truly scalable banking site on the continent, which is not stripped-down for devices with smaller screens or simply compressed to fit. The site automatically detects and adapts to the device being used.”

“We have rapidly evolved to a transaction and destination site where people are looking for information, downloads and expect to find research capabilities. At the same time, people expect the site to will perform equally well and to provide a superior banking functionality on a variety of devices.”


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