Lionhead looking for Achievement suggestions for Fable HD update


Older gamers will remember one of Lionhead Studios’ early games, Fable, as being a title that couldn’t quite deliver on some lofty promises but which was nonetheless a fantastic experience. Lionhead is now working on an anniversary edition of the first game in the series, set for release on Xbox 360, but they’re looking for a little fan input.

Specifically the game developers are looking for a fan-suggested Achievement for the HD remake of Fable, saying in a post on the game’s official website “We’ll be handing the creative baton to our community by asking YOU to dream up the most creative, challenging, fun and unique achievements possible. Once we’ve got your ideas, we’ll sit down and shortlist our favourite 5 and, once again, hand the wand of decision making (previously known as the creative baton) back to you by asking you to vote for your favourite achievement.”

Submissions for achievements can be placed on the Lionhead forums and the ‘winning’ fan will be receiving some interesting stuff, including a copy of the Fable Anniversary game when it releases, a t-shirt and Fable pins and perhaps even a mention in the game’s credits. There are also lesser prizes available for the other four finalists and for once, South Africans are eligible to enter. Only those who work for Microsoft or who reside in “Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria” are ineligible for the contest.

Source: Lionhead via Polygon


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