Microsoft’s Office and SharePoint Store lands in SA (and a few other places as well)


Microsoft’s Office and SharePoint Store has widened its reach, from the previous US-only offering to a further 22 countries. Among those countries is South Africa, though the finer details of available apps and extensions for Office 365 have not been completely worked out for local buyers yet with some prices still reflecting US Dollars.

Other countries that will be getting access to Microsoft’s new Office 365 storefront include the UK, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, Argentina, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Australia. Additional support has also been added for the French, German, Japanese and Spanish languages.

Microsoft is also inviting developers to create apps for the newly available store, saying in a blog post that prospective developers can “…offer free, trial and paid versions of your apps with the opportunity to reach entirely new users, customers and segments.”

Source: Engadget


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