Garmin wants the future of navigation to be the heads-up display


GPS manufacturer Garmin has got some new technology they’d like to throw at you, provided you own a smartphone. Due out later this year, Garmin is making a dashboard-mounted portable HUD (heads-up display) that will be able to project turn-by-turn directions onto a car’s windshield.

This technology isn’t new,as everything from video games to science fiction to more expensive vehicles have made use of the heads-up display, but its implementation as part of a more widespread navigation system is fairly unique. The use of a HUD means that drivers can spend more time looking at the road, a distinct advantage in places like South Africa where traffic is sometimes… hazardous.

The app which works in conjunction with Garmin’s HUD will be compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. The HUD will cost in the region of $130 (R1,300), with the app setting users back an additional $30 (R300).

Source: BBC


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