How the revolutionary ADH product has given Samsung SA the lead in smartphone sales


Just as in the rest of the world, there was much excitement in South Africa when Samsung launched the Galaxy S4. However, there was a surprise that Samsung South Africa has been saving. A game changer kind of surprise. Samsung South Africa had announced a revolutionary new offering: Accidental Damage from Handling or ADH. This world first initiative gives Samsung customers the peace of mind knowing that if they drop their device and crack their screen, or drop their device in water, then Samsung will fix their Galaxy S4 at NO COST. Samsung has even allowed its customers to mishandle their device twice and still be covered as the ADH is incorporated into the existing 24-month standard factory warrantee.

I met with Deryck Gwambe, Samsung Retail Sales Manager, Pan Africa and in charge of the ADH offering to gain some insights into the ADH offering.

What exactly does ADH cover ?

It is important to note what is covered under as ADH and what is not. Deryck explains: “ADH covers screen repairs and liquid damage repairs to Samsung S4 Devices that are damaged within the Samsung 24 month warranty period. Each device is allowed two incidents – either 1 liquid damage and 1 screen damage or 2 liquid damages or 2 screen damages.”

“Should both a liquid damage and screen damage incident occur as your first incident and at the same time, this will constitute both the first and the second incident within the 24 month warranty period and your ADH cover will cease. If the second incident is both a screen damage and a liquid damage at the same time, then the ADH repair will be provided to the ‘greater of’ damage, be it liquid damage or screen damage and the ‘lessor of’ damage will be for the account of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Device owner”

ADH does not cover damage from misuse, negligence, loss or theft, or failure to perform proper maintenance. Nor does it cover non-operating parts which does not affect the functionality of the item, consumable items such as batteries, accessories, including chargers and cables, software issues or data and normal wear and tear.

Customers need to remember that they must register their Galaxy S4 phone for E-Warrantee. Without this registration the phone is not covered. Each country that offered the ADH has their own unique SMS short code to register for E-Warrantee (see table below). In South Africa this is done by simply sending an SMS to 34622 with the words: REG*IMEI# . This should be the first SMS you send from your device which I recommend doing before leaving the store !

The Galaxy S4 needs to be registered in the country that it is purchased in order to qualify for the E-warrantee and the ADH cover. This helps Samsung in the fight against “Grey Imports” where devices are purchased in one country and are sold in another. When a customer wants to to register for the warrantee, their phone’s IMEI number will be matched against to those devices authorised to be sold in that specific country to ensure that the customer is always handling a genuine phone.

How do you claim ?

Deryck explains that in the event of an accident, customers will need to take their device to the nearest Authorised Service Center (ASC) with their Proof of Purchase where the device will be assessed to ensure that in fact it was either water damaged or accidental screen damage. The device will be checked in for repair and the customer will be notified to collect their S4 when it is ready. This will not cost the customer anything.

The ADH Effect

In a world where devices are even, I envisage that the ADH is a decision-swayer which should lead to an increase in sales. As ADH is not available world wide, technically South African sales of the Galaxy S4 should be greater than in countries where ADH is not.

In my conversation with George Ferreira, chief operating officer and vice president of Samsung Electronics Africa, he confirms that around 100 000 Galaxy S4 have been sold to date in South Africa and and very few claims have been made to date against the ADH policy. George also confirms that South Africa is ahead of the world-curve in terms of smart phone market share which he attributers as a direct results of ADH. In fact, it is so successful the Samsung is currently looking at extending the offering to other developing countries and the rest of the world. Another example of awesome South African lead initiatives that make headways around the world.

The Future ?

I was given a quick glimpse at the future products and services that Samsung has up its sleeve, but have committed to keeping these under wraps for now. What I can say is that Samsung is constantly thinking of ways and means to make its customers lives a little easier with the help of their technology.

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