New Xbox reputation system in the pipeline


A new Xbox reputation system seems to be in the pipeline, which makes it seem like Microsoft is getting into the habit of changing things. The new Xbox reputation system will, according to reports, change the current 5 star reputation system to a much more comprehensive one.

The proposed system will be a learning one, tracking player misbehavior and effectively bunch all the 12 year olds who claim to have done naughty things to your mother last night and other undesirables together and keep them away from the average player.

According to Microsoft’s senior product manager Mike Lavin, “What we’re looking at doing is creating a very robust system around reputation and match-making. If people are in your friends list, we’re not touching that, we’re just making it easier for you to come together. It’s really the anonymous side of things where we’re making these investments. Ultimately if there’s a few per cent of our population that are causing the rest of the population to have a miserable time, we should be able to identify those folks.”

The new Xbox reputation system will be based on a set of best practices that will award you for your good behavior, and will also be exploit free, according to Lavin, as the system is specifically designed against exploitation from a group of people, as the system will pretty much look at your behavior over a period of time before putting you in the playpen with the other 12 year olds, so one time offences or unfair player blocks won’t affect your score too much.

Source: Official Xbox Magazine


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