Lego lets you rule over the Tower of Orthanc


The Tower of Orthanc, one of the most iconic buildings of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, has finally been made into a Lego set. So now you can finally rule over the vastness of your sitting room.

The finished tower stands at 73 centimetres tall, and consists of six floors that can be filled to the brim with pieces that appeared in the movie, including a glowing palantir.

Apart from the wizards, Grima Wormtongue, a Great Eagle and an Uruk-hai and Orc you can smack around, the set also includes an Ent that stands 23 centimetres tall.

Unlike previous Lego constructs Stuff has featured lately, the Lord of the Rings package is an officially sanctioned release from Lego. The Tower of Orthanc is priced at R2017 on Lego’s online shop, but is currently not available in SA.

Source: Lego


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