How much is your Gmail account worth to hackers?


People are always telling you to secure your online email accounts with ridiculously complicated passwords, even if the average consumer really doesn’t have that much confidential data. But Gmail users can be sure of their confidential data worth with Cloudsweeper.

Cloudsweeper is a new technology, developed by researchers at the University of Illinois,  that scans your Gmail account and picks up how many account resets can be done from the account, how much email access there is and how many plain-text password are visible. Using this information, it works out how much your account is worth to hackers. If you do have an overly high figure, Cloudsweeper then gives you the option to encrypt any mail or passwords that you would like, and secures them with a user generated key.

It’s interesting to see how dangerously you’re living, so give it a shot.

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