Motorola’s Comeback Kid? – Motorola X images leaked


Motorola is not a name that is often heard circulating the smartphone community just lately, but Google (who owns Motorola) is definitely trying to change that with the new Motorola X. And now, some new images appear to have been leaked.

The smartphone was seen in 4G carrier testing as the Motorola XT1056 and an image showing a confidential marked handset running Android, thought to be the Motorola X, was leaked to PhoneArena. The image shows a 4.5” to 4.7” display with Android Jellybean running.

So far, the rumours are that the smartphone will have 4.7” display, running at 720p HD rather than 1080p. It will also be using a 1.7GHz Snapdragon Processor. Other specifications are; 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage space. There is also confirmation of a removable battery.

According to Motorola’s Dennis Woodside, the phone will also be “contextually aware of what is going on around it”, using sensors to adapt behavior to suit the environment and usage patterns. What this means is that the Motorola X will be able to, for example, use GPS sensors to detect the speed of the car you’re in and will then adjust accessibility of apps to suit what is best for you or what is most safe.

Whilst this is a great feature, the phone itself is still a little conservative when compared to other best sellers on the market. But as Motorola’s “comeback kid”, Stuff has no issue with it.

Be sure to watch out for the official launch on 1 August 2013.

Source: SlashGear Image: PhoneArena


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