11 is always better than 10: A look at the upcoming Internet Explorer 11


With one of Windows 8’s main selling points being Internet Explorer 10, the new Internet Explorer 11 should be equally as good. And Microsoft has brought in a few more new nifty features and improvements which will become available when Windows 8.1 launches later this year. Here are some of the upcoming highlights:


  1. Live Tiles for Sites- The ability to pin sites to the start screen came with IE10, but they were plain and unmoving. With IE11, sites are pinned in the same way but get live-tile support meaning that they are more dynamic and ever changing.
  2. Permanent Tabs- One thing about Windows 8 and IE10 is that with the modern interface, the tabs were never really tabs and they disappeared when the mouse was no longer over them. IE11 fixes this by having a mode that lets you display all of your tabs and your URL bar permanently. The icons are also smaller than in the previous right-click view, so the strip doesn’t take up much space.
  3. WebGL Enabled- WebGL is an open graphics standard that can render 3D graphics within a web browser. Internet Explorer has been one of the last browsers to enable this feature, due to concerns with security. Microsoft has addressed the security concerns and now users will be able to experience the wonders of WebGL sites such as this one.  (Note: Must be using Firefox or Chrome for the moment.)
  4. Apps work better with Web Pages- Links that are clicked in an app like the Windows 8 Mail app are usually redirected to IE10 with no view of the mail that was being read.  With IE11, if a link is clicked in a mail, the web page will appear and the app that you clicked it from will come up in a smaller browser window, putting the two apps side by side.
  5. Infinite Tabs- No more restriction on how many tabs you want open in  single browser window, instead now you have the ability to open as many as 100 at a time. This won’t slow your PC down either, as the browser will “pause” certain tabs that haven’t been used in a while.

Internet Explorer 10 has been improved greatly on with Internet Explorer 11 showing some real potential. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding.

Source: Mashable



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