Firefox’s latest update adds 3D gaming and video calling support


The latest update by Firefox is a big one. By adding full Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) and new JavaScript capabilities the browser adds support for video calls and online games without the need for plugins.

According to a blog post, WebRTC enables web apps to support video calls, voice calls and file sharing without any additional software or third-party plugins. “Rich activities” like these, Mozilla says, were some of the last remaining challenges that would prove that the Web can be a powerful platform for complex tasks. And it’s these challenges that are conquered in this update, according to Mozilla.

Firefox’s supercharged subset of JavaScript (asm.js) is also pretty powerful, able to run Unreal Engine 3 applications natively on the browser.

You can go get the update here here, and also try out a demo, called BanaBread made specifically to show off the update. Although keep in mind that you will still need a good internet connection and a newer machine, otherwise the application might become laggy.

Source: Mozilla Blog


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