Sony’s Smartwatch 2 set to be an underwater experience


The first Sony Smartwatch didn’t make much of a sales impression but the company has decided to make a second attempt with the Sony Smartwatch 2, Sony said in a statement released today.

It is much the same as the first version, with the same remote functionality, like allowing users to answer calls, read emails and messages and take photos. But it does need to be accompanied by and connected to your Bluetooth-enabled Android smartphone. The difference now is, Sony has included a larger, 1.6-inch touch display, set in an aluminium body. And just like the Sony Xperia Z smartphones, the second iteration of the Smartwarch is completely water resistant, allowing you to go swimming with an Xperia Z in tow.

The watch supports Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth 3.0, allowing you to connect to any Android 4.0 and above devices. When it comes to battery life, Sony claims that the watch will last a maximum of 4 days.

No price has been released yet, only a product release date set in September.

Source: Engadget


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