Forget me not: Button TrackR will never lose your keys (or phone)


Most people in a rush go a little insane when they lose their keys or wallet with no way of finding them, and sadly there is no way to just phone either of those items. But while that technology hasn’t been created yet, Phone Halo have developed the next best thing.

Button TrackR, successfully funded on IndieGogo, is a small, 50c piece-sized Bluetooth enabled “button”. The coin shaped device can be attached to any object, including people (not recommended) and pets that you want to keep track of. The app that comes with the Button TrackR can track up to 10 units simultaneously.

The technology behind the Button TrackR is such; it connects to your phone and app via a low-powered Bluetooth signal. The user can choose to be notified if they’re about to leave an area without their valuables, use the button on the Button TrackR to beep their misplaced phone, use the app to see how far they from the Button TrackR’s location, or use a GPS map to pinpoint the location of the item. One of the best features though is the unit’s ability to give live updates of GPS locations when a random person with their Bluetooth enabled phone walks past the item.

The unit comes standard with double-sided tape for attachment and an attachment point for keys, bags etc.

It is available for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5, the new iPad and all Android 4.0 devices. And at around R400 for two (excluding shipping), it’s worth the no stress.

Check out the Button TrackR trailer, sourced from IndieGoGo:

Source: IndieGoGo


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