Size doesn’t (Dark)matter: A look at the first Xbox laptop


The Xbox 360 is one of the world’s most popular consoles but its portability is almost nonexistent thanks to the need for a large display. The Darkmatter Xbox Laptop and DIY Kit, recently funded on Kickstarter, deals with the problem, whether or not you’re tech-savvy.

The Darkmatter laptop is a disassembled Xbox that fits into a 3D printed, laser-cut casing with a few added features.  All of the standard Xbox 360 ports are exposed, and a D-Type 3W internal stereo amplifier, two internal 3W speakers and a stereo headphone jack have been added. The laptop supports DVD playback and allows you to connect to a high resolution TV or projector through the HDMI port. A 15.6” 720P display is built in, it supports wireless controllers and up to two wired (USB) controllers.

Another bonus feature is that the laptop comes with a full touch control board that is backlit by customizable LED lights. The touch controls are the volume, mute and sync buttons. All of the control icons have been laser etched into the laptop case and require one touch to work.

Being open source, it means that the design for the laptop is fully available to the public from the Darkmatter Wiki. And all that is required is a 3D printer to make it yourself (or you can order the kit online). For the “not so tech-savvy” a fully assembled kit is available. But it comes at a price.

There are three main options available, buy just the kit (R2010), buy just the touch board (R760) or buy everything, including the console, fully assembled. (R10 100).

The great thing is that it is set to be Xbox ONE compatible. The not-so-great thing is that it’ll make a large ding in your bank account.

Source: Kickstarter


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