Nokia’s new Lumia 925 ad features iPhone ‘zombies’


Nokia’s latest ad for the Lumia 925 handset shows a bit of a trend for the Finnish company when it comes to promoting the cameras that their handsets feature. Admittedly, the last effort which stacked the Lumia 928 up against Samsung’s Galaxy S 3 and Apple’s iPhone 5 wasn’t quite as… creative as their current promotional activity but both ads deal with Nokia’s superiority in low-light conditions.

The current advert pits the Lumia 925 against the iPhone 5 specifically, showing iPhone 5 users as red-eyed zombies which are seemingly hypnotised by their handset flash. The implication is that Nokia users won’t be experiencing night-time images that have a similar visual effect, due to the Lumia 925 having “[t]he best pictures in any light. Even without the flash.”

As ingenious as it is, Apple’s device spends more time onscreen than Nokia’s own phone which is an unusual choice for the company to make when promoting their own gear. The ad was made for Nokia Deutschland, so regional competition in that area might explain why the commercial appears to be so specifically focused on Apple.

Source: Digital Trends


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