MTN brings back uncapped BIS for R60 p/m


MTN took a fair bit of flak from local users when it was announced that they would be capping BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS), introducing a 200MB “fair usage” cap for all new subscribers. But it seems that the cap is going away and the tiered data offerings that stem from it will be modified as a result

The cellular provider is reported to be reintroducing uncapped BIS for its consumers on the BlackBerry Absolute data package, at a cost of R60 per month. The 200MB capped option will be remaining in place but will cost R40 per month.

Other data packages being introduced by MTN are the Messaging (30MB, R15 per month), Social (40MB, R20 per month) and Social and Email packages (100MB, R30 per month).

Source: Tech Central


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