MakerBot scooped up by 3D printing company Stratasys for $604 million


3D printing company MakerBot, notable for its relatively cheap range of 3D printers and a tendency to innovate, has been bought out by professional-grade 3D printing company Stratasys.

The price tag set on the acquisition is $604 million, two-thirds of which will be paid to MakerBot in Stratasys stocks once the deal has been approved. The remaining third will hinge on MakerBot’s performance over the coming two years, as MakerBot seems to be carrying on as a separate company for the moment.

MakerBot said when announcing the merger between the two 3D printing companies that “MakerBot’s mission remains the same and will continue to operate as a separate subsidiary within Stratasys, once the transaction is complete.”

“Partnering with Stratasys will allow us to supercharge our mission to empower individuals, and lead the Next Industrial Revolution.  We are excited about the opportunities this combination will bring to our current and future customers.”

Source: The Verge


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