Hidden iOS 7 beta settings suggest Apple was considering new gesture controls


Apple’s newly announced iOS 7 is already in the hands of some developers in beta form and those developers are poking holes in it. In the process, they are locating certain items that Apple has hidden from view.

One such item is a menu that shows that Apple has been working on new gesture-based options, in addition to extra folder and multitasking settings. First reported by 9to5Mac, a developer named Hamza Sood gained access to the hidden menu though an unspecified process. Since the developer is working on a beta version of iOS 7, there is no indication whether the hidden features will be making it into the final version of the operating system.

Given that the options are difficult to access in the beta, there is a good chance that the gesture control options for apps and folders, as well as the visual settings found in the hidden menu, will not make it through to the final OS in their current form. That is, if the settings make it through at all.

Source: Digital Trends


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