Stuff’s @shapshak at TEDGlobal 2013 on Africa and mobile innovation


Stuff’s publisher and editor Toby Shapshak has been in Edinburgh for the past week for TEDGlobal 2013, listening to presentations and preparing for his own outing on the TED stage. Toby’s presentation took place yesterday afternoon and, while we don’t have the video at present, TED has chronicled the event on their blog.

Toby’s presentation dealt with how Africa is working on solving the world’s problems, leading innovation in the mobile sphere. Toby said that “The gold of today is mobile”, adding that “But not only is mobile the gold of today.”

We are the gold. We are at the point China was at when its boom years began. And that’s where we are going. We hear the west talk about ‘innovation at the edge.’ Well, of course it’s happening at the edge. In the middle, people are too busy updating Facebook, or maybe trying to understand Facebook’s privacy settings.”

We’ll add the TED video once it becomes available. Judging by the reception he received,Toby’s excited practise in our S.A. offices last week has paid off .

Source: TED blog Image: James Duncan Davidson


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