Watch Samsung drop, soak and cook a bunch of Galaxy S 4 handsets


Samsung, a little earlier this week, posted a video to its SamsungTomorrow YouTube channel detailing how the South Korean company did reliability tests on its flagship Galaxy S 4 handset.

Just knowing that Samsung’s video will show the smartphone dropped from increasing heights, stuck in a box and slowly tumbled, soaked in water and then sent for a heat and humidity torture test should be reason enough to watch it. In case that’s not enough, Samsung also coats its handsets in dust, zaps them with static electricity and then introduces something called a saltwater sauna.

Unfortunately there’s not much in the way of dead S 4 handsets visible, which could be a testament to either the phone’s durability or selective editing. Whichever it is, Samsung’s video constantly admonishes the viewer not to try these tests at home. That’s probably very good advice.

Source: Digital Trends


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