Apple rumoured to be expanding iPhone range


It’s been a while since Stuff saw a decently-sized Apple rumour but speculation around what Cupertino is up to next never really goes away. Apple is reported to be considering several new iPhone handsets, with reports of a low-cost iPhone cropping up again.

Several sources, speaking to Reuters, have claimed that Apple is looking at new form factors for the iPhone, a 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch handset. The sources include those involved in the Asia supply chain, who say that Apple has approached suppliers regarding larger displays. There is no indication at the moment whether Apple will go through with a larger iPhone however.

An older rumour has also pitched up again, with sources saying that Apple is considering releasing a cheaper iPhone. The cheaper device may be priced at $99 (R1,000) and could be available in five or six different colours. Releasing such a device in emerging markets and places like South Africa could see Apple leveraging the brand into a ridiculous number of sales.

Sources have stated that these rumours may not be wholly accurate as Apple has a penchant for altering prototypes at the last minute. When contacted for comment, Apple declined to comment on the rumours.

Source: The Verge


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