Sony and Microsoft trade blows – Pricing, launches announced for Xbox one and PS4


This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) has arrived and the news out of Los Angeles is packed with gaming. Two of the most sought-after bits of info up till now were prices and launch dates for both Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles. Both company’s major conferences have come and gone and the details revealed have already prompted speculation about which side has won the next gen console war.

Rather than get caught up in the ‘who won and who lost’ argument, here is the information you will need to know about both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

Xbox OneMicrosoft has announced a November launch date for the Xbox One, a month which will see 21 different markets getting their hands on the new generation of gaming hardware. Just which markets fall inside the 21 have not been confirmed yet but the console has been given launch prices for the States, UK and Europe so far.

All of the pricing is more or less in line but the US is getting the best deal; the States will see the console launch at a $499 price point (R5,200), the UK is getting the console for £429 (almost R6,900) and the rest of Europe will be shelling out 499 euros (just over R6,800). Hopefully gamers closer to home will see the console launch at a price comparable to the U.S. but South Africa tends to follow UK pricing so the Xbox One may hit the R7k mark at launch locally. Pre-orders for the console are now open overseas.

PS 4Sony has given a more vague launch date for the US and Europe, putting the PlayStation 4’s release as the
“holiday season”. This could mean that the PS4 will launch at the same time as the Xbox One, or some time in December this year.

The exact launch date may not matter much however. Sony has set the launch pricing for the PS4 in the States at $399 (R4,100). Pricing over the pond will likely be a little higher but should still come in below the Xbox One for Europe and (likely) South Africa. Even the news that a PlayStation Plus subscription will be required in order to play games online with Sony’s new console should do little to blunt enthusiasm about the cheaper price point.

E3 continues for the next few days, check back with Stuff for more information as we get it.

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