‘iRadio’ becomes iTunes Radio, will do streaming battle in the US


Rumours of Apple’s ad-supported streaming music service launching at yesterday’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) were on the mark. Cupertino will be launching the ‘iRadio’ service, officially known as iTunes Radio, across iOS 7 and the OS X platform as well as AppleTV.

iTunes Radio, like Google’s Play Music All Access offering, will be launching in the States first before rolling out in other locations. Unlike the search giant’s music service, Apple’s streaming service will be adopting an ad-supported model that means that users will have free access to it. iTunes Match subscribers will be in for a bit of a treat in that they won’t have to put up with ads in iTunes Radio.

iTunes Radio will also have Siri support, letting users select more of the same sort of music or find out an artists name with a simple voice command.

Apple’s rollout of a streaming music service will not be without opposition. Established contenders Spotify and Pandora and newcomer Google all want the same market that Apple is going after; success for Apple is anything but a cakewalk at this point.

Source: Ars Technica


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