Omni-directional treadmill nabs Kickstarter funding within hours of launch


The omni-directional treadmill being developed by a company called Virtuix, which Stuff last saw in a demonstration video involving PC shooter Team Fortress 2, has hit Kickstarter at last.

Funding for the Omni, as it is being called, kicked off on 4 June and reached its target of $150,000 in around three and a half hours. At present the project has secured $640,000, with a further 45 days left for cash to come in for the project. Strangely for a Kickstarter project, much of the funding has come from the more expensive reward tiers, each of which include one or more of the treadmills.

The final date for users to support the Omni is 22 July. It’s been funded, now it is just a question of how much money the virtual reality gear can make Virtuix and whether it will revolutionise gaming at the end of it all. The Omni treadmills are expected to ship in January 2014.

Source: BBC


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