Sony and LEGO teaming up to turn bricks into tech


Sony and LEGO are working together on some altogether more technological LEGO products, a video report from IDG News has revealed. The video, shot at a recent open house event at Sony Computer Laboratories in Japan, shows off what the brick-maker is up to, though there isn’t anything concrete in the works just yet.

Among the products that are being experimented with are real-world video game equivalents that use AI-controlled LEGO constructs to chase around a human-controlled opponent. Like the average video game, the motion of the motorised LEGO is handled with one of Sony’s PlayStation Dualshock controllers. The two companies are also looking at introducing actuators and LEDs into LEGO sets in hopes of competing with the gaming industry by offering a more advanced LEGO experience.

There are several other projects on the boil at Sony, including a drone controlled by a Sony headset which conveys the drone’s point of view to the user, as well as some image-morphing software that may have applications on the social media or consumer review sphere.

Source: Ars Technica


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