Just what your home (and smartphone) needs: a smart lock


Unveiled at the D11 conference in California this week was the August Smart Lock, a digital lock that will allow users to grant access to their homes using a web or smartphone app.

Designed by Yves Behar, who was most recently involved in creating the look of the Ouya Android console, the August Smart Lock hopes to take away most of the fuss of answering the door; whether users are at home or nowhere near the door at the time. Users can stipulate who is able to enter their homes as well as for how long and the lock will permit access upon pairing with a guest’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Once they’re inside, the door locks itself again.

Users will also have access to a log of who has entered their home and when they have left again via August’s app and messages can apparently be left for guests arriving when you’re not home using the device. The smart lock has its own internal power source so power failures shouldn’t cause much hassle and users can still unlock their homes in the conventional manner if they like.

The August Smart Lock is set to go on sale later this year and carries a price tag of $199 (a little over R2,000). Its creators say that it can be easily fitted to existing deadbolt locks.

Source: Digital Trends


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