The world’s most expensive video game comes with its own car


Codemasters have laid claim to the title of the world’s most expensive video game with upcoming title GRID 2’s new Mono Edition.

GRID 2, which releases this Friday, is getting a Mono Edition, which will set buyers back $190,000 (around R1.87 million). This is a bit extreme for a collector’s edition but the Mono Edition comes with its own car, as well as a few extras. The BAC Mono, a Formula One-style road vehicle with some impressive specifications, is included in the game’s price.

The BAC Mono features a 230 horsepower 2.3 litre Cosworth engine and has a top speed of 274 kilometers per hour. Usually it retails for around $108,000 (1.06 million) but the extra cash adds the special livery for the vehicle, a full set of race gear and a PS3 to play GRID 2 on, as well as day at the BAC factory as they are measured for their vehicle. The Mono Edition of the game will have a limited run of one copy and car.

Source: Digital Trends


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