Working Apple-1 sold at auction for a (new) record sum


Last year a functional Apple-1 computer was sold at auction, with a selection of other Apple memorabilia, for the sum of $374,500. The highest price paid for one of these unit was, until recently, $640,000 in an auction which took place last year.

A recent auction, which took place in Cologne, Germany, has seen another of the original Apple computers selling for a new record total. The Apple-1 was sold to an Asia-based collector for the sum of $671,400.

Just why Apple’s original machines, designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, are so sought after was recently explained by an Apple collector, Lonnie Mimms. He said “The Apple-1, because of Apple’s status now in the world, is the beginning of that company. For corporate America and for the computer industry, there isn’t anything more iconic than that in existence.”

Source: Digital Trends


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