Lego sets world record with life-sized X-Wing fighter


Okay, so Lego isn’t the most technological thing in the world (aside from the time it was used to make part of a supercomputer) but some pretty amazing things can come out of the building block toy.

The folks at Lego have gone all out in making a life-sized version of one of the Lego sets that are on sale, the Lego 9493 X-Wing Fighter. Over 5 million Lego bricks (5,335,200, to be exact) went into its roughly four months of construction and the end result is a little over 20 tons of Lego in a Star Wars configuration.

The life-sized Lego X-Wing has a 44 foot wingspan and reaches a height of 11 feet, with the Lego brick construction being supported by an inner metal frame. It is officially the largest Lego model in the world and will be on display in the State in Times Square in New York for a time before being moved over to the Legoland California Resort.

Source: The Verge


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