Twitter launches two-step authentication


Following a spate of high-profile account hacks, Twitter has launched a two-step account verification methods for user accounts that should assist users in keeping their tweets their own.

The new security feature seems to be active for South African users already but it also looks like South African cellular service providers aren’t supported yet so prospective local users will hit a brick wall when attempting to set it up.

Two-step authentication requires a phone that is tied to the user account. Users can pay a visit to the Account Settings page for their Twitter accounts and tick the box in the Account Security option. Users will then need to enter a 6-digit code when logging into their Twitter accounts, which will be sent to the user’s phone via SMS.

Twitter’s video explaining how to get your account set up with the security measure is embedded below. Of course the feature is optional in places where it’s actually an option but odds are that more than a few companies have availed themselves of the extra security layer already.

Source: The Verge


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